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Declared Income Services

Mortgages for the Self Employed:

  • owners of retail shops
  • owners of small in home business's
  • contractors in house construction and excavation
  • trades such as sub-contractors
  • day care providers
  • Entrepenuers

Mortgages for Commissioned Sales:

  • automotive & marine sales
  • equipment sales
  • real estate sales
  • any industry on commission income

Mortgages for the Service Industry:

  • waiters and waitress's in the restaurant industry
  • hair stylists
  • musicians and entertainers
  • seasonal persons as fishing and hunting guides

If you fit into any of these categories or a similar situation and your having trouble proving your income, call us, we specialize in helping people like you.

Did you know that you may be able to secure a mortgage based on your stated income?

Contact Seabird Financial Ltd by applying now on line or phone us direct at 604-814-2266.

We have been in the mortgage industry for 26 years and we like you are self employed, so we understand. We specialize in brokering mortgages for the Self Employed and Commissioned Sales and those who have varied employment. Most importantly of all we are able to help those who cannot prove their income to satisfy standard mortgage qualification. In most cases financial statements and N.O.A.'s are not required, this based on good credit.

Extensive Residential Mortgage financing to include homes on acreages of all sizes, properties in rural areas, log homes, manufactured homes on their own land and generally properties that don't meet Bank standards.

Limited amount of Commercial financing with conventional lenders, we use alternate lenders in the industry such as M.I.C.s and Private funds.

Building a house or Renovating?

*do you need funds to build your own house or do a major renovation? We can finance either conventionally to 75% of the finished value or more with high ratio financing. And we show you how to put your plan together.

Frustrated with the Banks?

If your tired of being told you qualify and in the end declined for any reason, you need to talk to us. If you have a healthy down payment to purchase and are still told you don't qualify, we can help. Just changed jobs and can't qualify, we may be able to help.

We have numerous lenders to provide financing, such as Institutional, Mortgage Investment Corporations and Private sources.

Ever been told you can't have the appraisal you just paid for? We provide that to you. Are you searching the market for the best rate? We do that at no extra cost. Do you think you have the best deal in town? Maybe not. We're here to help and if you don't do the job we don't get paid!

Apply now or call us direct ---- we want to help you.

***lender or broker fee's may apply***

Mortgage Investors:

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Industry Affiliations
CAAMP - Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals
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